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June 20, 2008

Thursday Outing

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Today was the last free public transportation day so I took advantage of it with people from my company to get lunch from a relatively farther place.  The fried rice was a much bigger portion than I thought.  Combine that with Leqi arriving later than I’d expected along with Ching, that meant the original dinner plans were spoiled.

So we went straight to the Queen Anne’s Hotel for the SF Ghost Hunt.  Ching actually didn’t really want to go but ended up joining us anyway.  I thought it was decent and Ching had the most negative reaction.  Leqi was hoping to meet real ghosts.  :P  Other than that, it was a good history lesson with some interesting magic tricks.  I concur with Ching that it was a bit overpriced though.

We came back and had more cooked noodles for dinner and watched Run Lola Run.  It’s a good movie and I’ve seen it before, but didn’t mind watching it again.  Kinda artsy/unique.

Afterwards we decided to tell ghost stories.  I really enjoyed this part of the day, and not just ’cause I was telling or listening to ghost stories.  ;)

Also, my macro lens arrived.  :)  This is part of Leqi’s bracelet, and I don’t think I got all the way down to 1:1 magnification yet.


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