Dracil’s BlogJournal

June 19, 2008

Wednesday Outing

Today’s outing was kinda stressful.

I left my phone at home, which meant I didn’t have a good way to contact Leqi.  Got to the meetup spot on time, but Leqi didn’t show up for 30 minutes, thinking she might’ve gotten the wrong address, I went back to the office, looked up my phone history (and noticed she’d just tried to call me), and then called her there several times until I finally got through.  Made sure she’d be at the correct intersection and then went back there.

Turns out she’d left the house late, then took an alternate route that ended up being longer, then the Muni had some trouble and delayed as well, so she was actually 40 minutes late (she had been on time or earlier every day prior which is why I thought something was wrong).  Gah, only needed to wait 10 more minutes and I would’ve seen her, instead going back to the office and contacting her wasted an extra 20 minutes.  Which meant we didn’t really have time to go eat at Great Eastern, which sucked.  We ended up going straight to The Purple Onion.  They only really had pizza, so that was our dinner.  The thing is, they actually started late, so we could’ve actually eaten at Great Eastern after all.  :(

As for the actual show (Something People Like), the host, Justin Lamb, was pretty likable.  Of the actual comedians, we both agreed that Eric Cash was the best.  At the end was a wacky music performance by Easystreet which I thought was actually a tad too long.

Got back, ended up watching She is the Man and had some ramen for a late night snack/dinner since neither of us had really eaten much during the day.  Very predictable but otherwise alright movie.


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