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June 17, 2008

Monday Outing

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So today I took Leqi to the Metreon since she’s never been there before.  It was just as well since she has never been to an IMAX theater which she’d recently heard about in class.  And it turns out Kung Fu Panda, which was what we were here for, was being shown in their IMAX theater, so yeah.  :)

For dinner, we ate at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro.  I picked it ’cause it was close and it had a restaurant.com gift certificate.  She had some pea ravioli with mushrooms and something else.  I had skirt steak with fries and coleslaw.  Portions were pretty small (the meat) but it was very tasty.  Though I was full afterwards so the portions weren’t too bad, but I wouldn’t go back without a gift certificate since it’s a bit too pricey otherwise.

Walked about the Metreon a little bit and then went to watch the movie.  Not too crowded and the screen was huge.  Got good seats.  Anyway, the movie was great.  Classic kung fu/martial arts/fighting story.  The one who was the outcast/weakest will always have the most endurance/natural talent and end up being the most powerful.  Fight scenes were pretty cool and the random use of Chinese in the names was a nice touch as well.  Definitely a must-watch.  :)


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