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June 16, 2008

Sunday outing

Overslept a little, then had a little business to take care of and then the Muni was being slow so I knew I was going to be 20 minutes late, so I left a text message to Leqi to that effect.

We waited for the bus, but both buses that came by were full, so we decided to just walk.  We then waited in line at Mama’s for about 1.5 hours.  At least it wasn’t sunny (though it got sunny after we got inside).  She had the scrambled egg whites and I had the Farmer’s Momelette.  It was good of course.  She also had orange juice and I had lemonade.  The small orange juice was more expensive than my lemonade and smaller.  Don’t think that was worth it.  Food was very good again, but definitely eat the bread first or it’ll get hard when cold.

We then went around getting stuff from the Precious Cheese North Beach Festival.  We didn’t get to see the pizza tossing (we were at Washington Square Park, but there was another section we didn’t discover till later) but we sat in the sun and listened to music.  I think I got sunburnt (or at least my landlady and Ching said my face was red when I got home).  Oh, and I saw Frank Chu again and made sure to take pics of him and his sign.

We then made our way to the City Lights Bookstore since she wanted to see it (fascinating landmark, though nobody seems to find it all that interesting once they get there, it IS after all just a bookstore).  We also saw the St. Francis of Assissi chapel, which was a lot prettier.

While on the way to the bookstore a horse carriage passed us by and Leqi decided she had to ride on one.  So we ended up going to Fisherman’s Wharf where we circled once, and was about to give up, when I finally found one of those free tourist maps which had the location of the horse carriage landings.  Then we turn around and there it was, right in front of us.  :P

It was a little expensive, but kinda cool.  Of course, all the tourists there were taking pictures of us.  None of them expected to have their picture taken back.  I think that alone made it worth it for me.  ;)

After that we went on over to Century Theaters to catch a movie.  To my chagrin, this theater was NOT playing Kung Fu Panda.  But it was showing Don’t Mess with the Zohan, so we watched that instead (she hadn’t seen any Indiana Jones movie, and we already watched Sex and the City).  Since neither of us were that hungry, we just had gelato for dinner before the movie.  As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it more than I expected.  I actually did not realize that was Adam Sandler until the credits.  Whoops.  :P  Previews were useful too, as we now plan to watch Get Smart (and there’s also that He’s Just Not That Into You from last time).  Also, better seats this time since we got there real early. :P


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