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June 8, 2008

Sophia’s Birthday Celebration

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Happy Birthday Sophia!

So… got to UCSF around 10AM with the plan of going up Mount Sutro with Jenny.  Except Jenny was late.  And I got lost finding a trail while going through UCSF.  So that didn’t happen.  I did get some flower pics instead though.  :P

Walked the short distance to Good Earth Cuisine where Jenny was waiting.  Finished her quesadillas since she was full and I hadn’t had breakfast.  Got half a pizza from Arizmendi Bakery before making our way to the Conservatory of Flowers where we met up with Sophia and had a late lunch.  Pizza was cold by then.  :(

The Conservatory of Flowers was cool though, got many good pictures in there with the flowers and butterflies.  Eric arrived just as we were done with the butterflies so we left.  After some more picture taking we made our way to Stow Lake and rented a paddleboat.  The sun made it hard to take good pictures.

Since it was time we made our way to Chapeau.  Joyce and Catherine and then Nancy joined us for this portion of the dinner.  Prices were more expensive than the old menus we saw online.  Food was great.  They brought us the bill in a hat (chapeau means “hat” in French) which was cool, but we took a really long time to divide up the bill because we didn’t realize they charged us for cutting up our cake (and adding some ice cream to it, which was almost as expensive as the cake itself!) and had thought that was Sophia’s dish because Sophia’s dish was under a different name than the one we were expecting.  That was pretty much the low point of the day as people got really frustrated.

Since people didn’t really want to leave yet we ended up at an Asian dessert place where we gossipped a little.

Got lost with Sophia going home because we went the wrong direction and were heading towards the Golden Gate Bridge and it was dark and the place was unfamiliar.  Thank goodness for maps.  :P


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