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June 5, 2008

Dine About Town Launch Party

I intentionally drank yeast piss.  Ick.  I don’t get why people like this stuff.  Though I now know at least that I can handle two glasses of wine with no effect (I don’t drink, and I started with a kinda empty stomach, having had 1 bag of chips for a late lunch).

Oh, and they didn’t check for ID.

Anyway, I had intended to leave work a little early but that didn’t happen, but Sophia calling me gave me the excuse to leave (one of my coworkers leaves tomorrow and will be back in October for visa issues, which thankfully I will be able to avoid).  I’ll miss his presence.  :( (why’s everyone leaving me? Sophia’s moving out of SF as well >_<)

Got stuck on the Muni ’cause the train didn’t leave for 5 minutes so got there later than I wanted, then turns out Sophia was still shopping upstairs.  The entire Cellar section was cordoned off.  People like us who pre-registered didn’t have to wait in line.  :D

I guess the coolest thing was the free wine glass.  The food wasn’t actually all that filling though some were rather tasty.  There was also a cooking demonstration which was basically one of the samples but with more meat.  We ended up getting clam chowder from Boudin Bakery afterwards because we weren’t exactly full.  The $10 donation was really for the wine I think.  We also picked up a couple free wine tasting tickets at Ghirardelli Square (which I plan to go to the weekend of June 21-22 because of their Savour the Square event (free ice cream sundaes!  :D)).

I actually already did Dine About Town on Monday with Catherine.  We went to The Cosmopolitan for lunch.  Unfortunately we both forgot our camera so the pictures are on her coworker’s camera.  Overall, the food wasn’t bad though a tad salty on certain stuff.  The crab cakes > tomato soup.  The sandwich and fries were good (really like how crispy the fries were).  The salmon was alright.  For dessert the chocolate cake + vanilla ice cream was great.  The other dessert we had was ok.


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