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May 30, 2008

The Hovind Scale

Found at Pharyngula.  But here are the direct links to The Hovind Scale and its online calculator.

It’s named after the infamous Kent Hovind, sometimes known as “‘Dr.’ Dino”.  The “Dr.” is quoted because he got his degree from an unaccredited degree mill called Patriot Bible University.  He used to like to say his degree was in “Education” but it’s actually in “Christian Education”.

Not convinced it’s a degree mill?  Here are some examples of their educational material:

And this is the dissertation that he wrote.

He also created a Creationist theme park called Dinosaur Adventure Land where it shows humans and dinosaurs living together in the past.  Yes, he actually believes that.  He also believes that dinosaurs actually still exist today.

It’s all pretty bad stuff, and it’s still amazing how many people believed him.  But this is why the scale is named after him.  He’s currently serving a 10-year sentence for tax evasion.


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  1. Thanks for the pamphlet from Hovind’s diploma mill! Where did you get that?

    I wonder how much Hovind believes the swill he slings at his audiences. He uses some clearly dishonest tactics, such as claiming that supporters of evolution believe that “we came from a rock.” No one believes that, and Hovind knows it. He just uses that phrase to get an easy laugh from his flock.

    He’s an all-around sleazy fellow. Thankfully he’s never been anywhere but at the margins; not too people take him seriously. I’d say the ID crowd is the bigger threat now.

    Comment by soulbiscuit — June 2, 2008 @ 12:12 am

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