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May 25, 2008

Carnaval + Buddha’s Birthday Celebration

That was a lot of standing.

8 blocks were barricaded for the Carnaval which confused me, but it turns out the parade was part of a different barricade.  I ended up being 30 minutes late to the parade, but I still caught most of it, because it lasted over 4 hours or so.  I think seeing SambAsia is what made me start to really enjoy it.  Because the guy was singing 島唄 (Shima Uta), which is one of the songs I often sing at karaoke.  It’s a good thing too, because I followed them to a much better spot than the one I started out at.

The difficulty of picture-taking went up through the event though because the people next me kept raising their hands for random goodies being thrown at the crowd, and it got really bad when they got these balloon sticks that one guy kept banging right in front of the camera.  Then they climbed on top of the fence so I had to do it too.  But they kept shaking/kicking the fence too.  Blargh.  That was very annoying.

I managed to take almost 400 decent pictures though, with some videos as well (but since I kept pictures from Bay to Breakers, I had memory issues).  Besides SambAsia, the other things I really liked were the Pirates of Emerson, who had a really cool ship complete with a water/bubble cannon, and there was this group of people riding on cool bicycles that had designs like monsters, vertebrae, or the Golden Gate Bridge.

Afterwards, I went through the booths but that wasn’t nearly as interesting as the parade.  Glad to see all the Obama stuff out there though, including a voter registration drive (though to be honest, California really doesn’t need it :P)

Then I went over to the Buddha Birthday Celebration over at Union Square which wasn’t very interesting actually.  The only cool thing were a couple girls dressed up in Qing Dynasty clothing, but they were asking for $3 donations to have your picture taken with them.  Meh.

Also finally had my camera to catch John F. King II, the drummer guy who I’ve seen on Embarcadero across from the Ferry Building several times now.  He has a website (that doesn’t really work).  But here’s a video of him.


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