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May 21, 2008

Obama now has majority of pledged delegates

As expected, Clinton’s won Kentucky, which really doesn’t matter considering how red it is. Meanwhile, Obama won Oregon, but it doesn’t really matter either ’cause everyone knew Obama would win that.

Clinton of course continues to “fight” till the end (some say she’s only pretending to fight to recover her campaign debt). The thing is, we actually want Clinton to continue to the end now. The reason? There’s a good chance that Obama will clinch the nomination with the last three contests (which he’s pretty much projected to win, except for maybe a tie in Puerto Rico), which looks a lot better than if Clinton had dropped out after her huge win in West Virginia or even after last night. But With 86 pledged delegates remaining, and about 70 needed by Obama, he’s still going to need some help by superdelegates before then. But Obama has a pledged delegate majority now. Which makes it more likely for even more superdelegates to flock to him.

Indeed, he’s picked up superdelegates from Guam, Washington, and Connecticut within the past 24 hours.


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