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May 19, 2008

Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls, originally called 下妻物語 (Shimotsuma Monogatari), was recommended to me by Karen.  Like a lot of Japanese films/anime/manga nowadays, its origin can be traced to a light novel.

At its core, it’s about two girls who are polar opposites from each other.  First there is Momoko, a super-independent girl who had no friends (and didn’t need any) and didn’t care what anyone thought.  She also goes around wearing Sweet Lolita dresses from the Rococo period in France.  Apparently, the store she gets her clothes from is a real store, and even featured a line of clothing designed by the author of the story.

Ichigo on the other hand, is part of an all-female biker gang,  She’s rough, smokes, spits all the time, and makes mistakes with her Japanese (to imply she’s a bad student).  And of course, she knows a lot about motorcycles.

Through a series of events, they become best friends forever.  :P

That’s pretty much the gist of the story, though of course other stuff happens, including a pretty cool ending.

The comedy is of the odder Japanese variety (if a girl wearing Lolita fashion isn’t odd enough for most Americans), so it really helps if you have an appreciation for Japanese media culture already.  Otherwise, you may find it stupid.  If you’re curious about what lolita fashion can look like, this would also be a good film to get a taste.  I also checked out the BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT store and all I have to say is, that’s one expensive hobby (most dresses cost between $150-$500).


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