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May 18, 2008

Bay to Breakers 2008

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WAY too many floppy sausages here.  Seriously, nobody wants to see a bunch of naked guys.  A few is cool and expected, but when you see a two dozen in about an hour or two, that’s too much.  Do something more original.  Saw maybe 2-3 topless women.

Also, public transportation sucked today too, because way too many stupid people are driving their car on a day where San Francisco is basically split in half for 4 hours (officially anyway. I was there for 2 hours after they stopped noting finishers and people were still coming)

I haven’t been to the park for a long time, but I caught the Sunday attractions.  I saw the  free swing lessons first as the B2B people were going past them (I walked in the opposite direction they were going to catch more people in a shorter amount of time).  Then I stumbled on the Golden Gate Park Band as I was walking to Arizmendi Bakery to get a late lunch.  It’s nice to see their stage has been upgraded into a real stage.  They used to play just inside the entrance to the SF Botanical Garden.

Today they were celebrating the 217th anniversary of the Polish Constitution, so there were a lot of traditional dances as well, though I only stayed for two groups.


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