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May 17, 2008

27 Dresses

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I think I watched this movie in the right mood, though it’s actually the same mood as when I watched Wedding Crashers.  The difference is the style of the film.

They’re both romantic comedies but the way the comedy is derived is different.  In 27 Dresses, the characters were for the most part, realistic, and so the comedy was similar to funny things you might do or say in real life with friends.  In Wedding Crashers, the characters were exaggerated  and meant to be funny caricatures, so you were generally laughing at the characters, instead of with them.  This made it harder to care about the characters in Wedding Crashers and I think that’s ultimately why I enjoyed 27 Dresses more.

That said, like other romantic comedies, it follows a pretty formulaic pattern.  Girl meets boy.  Bad Stuff happens.  Boy and girl get back together and live happily ever after.  This brings me to a tangent.  It seems like the Bad Stuff is always inextricably linked to something the guy does.  Of course, most of the time, the guy will try to stop the Bad Stuff from happening, but will always fail so the audience can go through the “aww, how sad” moment.  Despite that, it’s interesting to note how much effort the guy will spend to stop the Bad Stuff.  I think in most romantic comedies, this effort is pretty much nil, with most guys failing before they even start.  That’s why I think the guy in this film is actually rather commendable, as he did actually try to stop it a few times.  It shows real consideration, which most of the other guys tend to lack.

So yeah, I found most of the characters likable as human beings.  The girl’s a near saint going through the things she does in the film, and the guy’s just a generally all-round cool person.  Maybe it helped that the guy was also rather cynical about weddings and marriages given the stuff I’ve been reading.  Another coincidental thing that made me like the movie was that I had recently joked about how it might be cool to have a wedding theme where guys and girls wore the opposite gender’s clothes (people gave me weird/disapproving looks and grunts), and guess what, something like that was mentioned in the film. :P

I think most people generally feel that Wedding Crashers is a better film and it’s certainly more fun and entertaining.  But 27 Dresses, while based on an unrealistic concept, is more realistic in its execution, which helps the audience connect better with the characters, if only for the duration of the film and that really helps for romantic comedies.  I think it really depends on your mood which you’d enjoy more as they’re still both just romantic comedies with a wedding theme.


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