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May 13, 2008

CARM’s guide to Internet Apologetics

When this was posted, a lot of us thought this couldn’t be real, this must be Poe’s Law.  But nope.  They really do encourage this.

  1. Using the mouse to copy and paste
    1. It is easy to select the text with a mouse.   After selection the text by clicking and dragging, then right mouse click on the text.  A small window will open.  Click on “copy.”  Then go to your destination window, right mouse click and select “paste.”  The copied text will then be pasted where you need it.
  2. Using the keyboard to select, copy, and paste.
    1. You can select text by putting the cursor where you want it, holding down the shift key and pressing the arrow key.  Your text will become selected as the cursor moves through the text.
    2. Copy the text by hitting CTRL C.
    3. Once in the window you desire, CTRL V will paste the material into the window.
      1. Note:  By having your left hand on the keyboard, and with your thumb and forefinger (thumb on the “alt” key and the finger on the “tab” key, you can move between windows.

They truly have no shame.


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