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May 12, 2008

Great Eastern Restaurant

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Had lunch here with Jenny today.  This was one of the places recommended by Cat yesterday.  I called to reserve last night after 11pm (they open till midnight), but they wouldn’t let me reserve with only two people, and said it’d only be a five minute wait.  True to his word, that was about how long we had to wait when we got there at about 12:30.  We had six dishes which came out to about $23 with tip.  Most expensive thing was the $1 tea.  Most of the other stuff was decent or good, especially the siu mai, which had fish eggs on it and juicy.  The shrimp rice noodles was probably the most disappointing since it wasn’t hot unlike everything else.  The place is actually kinda large, and appears to have three levels though we only saw the main level.  Maybe that’s why the wait wasn’t too long.

After that, we went over to the Golden Gate Bakery to have custard tarts.  At $1.10 they were expensive but tasty and better than most other ones I’ve had.  Mainly because it was hot and the crust was very flaky.  We had it at the redwood park that we passed by yesterday.  It’s a nice place, but too far to go to normally.


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