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May 11, 2008

Nice Sunday to be a tourist

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Karen left in the morning after I took her to the Bart station. Karen panicked again about her phone while we were there, thinking I’d need to ship it to her, but it was there all along. :P

I then went to return my tuxedo. Ended up being too early, but a girl opened the door and let me return it 15 minutes early.

Got some Recchiuti S’mores to share since I had time. Lunch was good, I think I liked all of the dishes we got. Was a tad expensive though (but tip was already included as well). After that, we went and had some snacks Jenny brought along with the s’mores. Mmm, the Taiwanese snacks were good! Then we had fun taking pictures at the rectangular pipe art water fountain thing and blowing bubbles that Jason won last night at the wedding until Fang and Jason needed to leave. Karen called to rant about flight delays, and then Michelle called to check up on last night.

The rest of us then went to see Levi’s Plaza where we did more picture-taking and sort of did things we weren’t supposed to. I think security was glad when we left. :P It was fun being a little carefree. :)

Along the way we also saw a replica of Columbus’s Nina. It cost $5 to check it out though so we just took pictures from a distance.

Lots of walking around to show Jenny part of SF.  We also had some more fun at the Redwood park near the Transamerica building. Jenny’s like a cat is all I’ll say. :P  Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery power here, since I had thought I’d still have enough for today (I didn’t want to recharge it last night in case that caused me to completely forget my camera today).

We eventually ended up at St. Mary’s Park where we had some fun on the swings.

As we were going towards the Chinatown gate, Catherine had to leave since she had dinner with a friend, so Jenny and I took a few more pictures and then had dinner at Katana-Ya, which I had brought Karen’s friend to a long time ago. I liked my green onion ramen (I love green onion) though Jenny thought she might’ve preferred getting the light broth.


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