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May 11, 2008

David and Michelle’s Wedding

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I. Am. So. Sleepy.

But I need to write this down before I forget.

At 1:30 got a distress call from Hung-Tzu saying they were running late, so it might help if I went by myself.  I agreed, though later, they realized they were early, but I was already there by then.

At about 2:30 I arrived at the church.  Fang and Jason were already there, then Peter showed up.  I haven’t seen Peter for like 4 years now so it was great to reconnect.  :D

For a moment, I panicked, thinking I left my wallet on the bus again (it was in my bag, way too many pockets, which is why I couldn’t find it)

We took pictures while waiting for people and then we did our duty as ushers and then as groomsmen.  Saw more people I recognized from my undergrad years, including Jessie, another roommate David and I shared.

Wedding proceeded pretty smoothly, with just a few minor mishaps.  I hope I didn’t fidget too much.  I think David and Michelle were perfect.  :)

Lots of picture taking afterward.

The bus route plan got changed, then changed again.  ‘Twas confusing, but we all made it there early since nobody actually went to the hotel.

More picture taking and catching up with people while waiting for the boat.

More minor plan changes in regards to how we were gonna give out seating charts/check off who was there.

Jon basically intimidated people into wedding party, non-wedding party alternate boarding groups.  :P  The comment there was, if you’re big, and you have a suit, people will listen to you, regardless of whether or not you actually have any authority.  :P

The groomsmen, Peter, Fang, Jason, Juny (Michelle’s roommate then), and Nicole were on our table.  Jason had the most creative answer to what Fantasia in F minor meant (flat tires).  The correct answer was it was a duet they could play together.

I had 4 sips of champagne during the toasts. Interesting experience since this is my first time really having alcohol.

Dinner was nice.  Was hungry so wolfed down the bread, salad was good too (was surprised), and the steak portion, though smaller than I would’ve liked, was tasty.  Then there was the wedding cake of course.

We saw fireworks from KFOG’s annual Kaboom (which Cat was attending).  It actually lasted about 30 minutes.

The first bouqet disintegrated on the ceiling.  The second bouqet was caught by Nicole from our table.

So overall, boat ride was mostly smooth except for confusion about the dance music (seems like Michelle made some last minute changes and didn’t tell everybody), and it was too cloudy to do the stargazing.  A few people needed anti-sickness medication.

More confusion about buses after we docked, but people got where they needed to be.  Hung-Tzu gave Karen and I a ride back to my place. :)

Aww, I won’t ever see CG again.

Spent much of the rest of the night talking to Karen while she packed for tomorrow.

Yay, 3 hours of sleep coming up!

I may organize this post better later.

Congratulations David and Michelle!  :)



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