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May 9, 2008

So tired…

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Mmm, kinda stressed these past few days

1) Just generally cleaning up my room ’cause of Karen coming over

2) Left work a little early to pick up tuxedo rental yesterday and it was really crowded there

3) Had to ensure that I wasn’t late to pick up Karen too

4) Only had 4 hours of sleep ’cause of organizing and making music CDs for the wedding

5) Just generally trying to coordinate with Joyce to give her her games today

6) Karen panicking over the water being shut off at home and her not being able to do her hair

7) Landlady scolding her because apparently my landlord didn’t tell my landlady that I’d told him that she was gonna stay over a couple days (later learned my landlady thought we were sleeping together! – and so she was worried if something happened she’d be responsible)

8) Getting assigned a pretty important project for next week (not hard though)

9) Needing to leave work early to go to the rehearsal and hoping no last-minute things would force me to stay

10) Realized I made the CDs wrong and would need to redo them

11) Fitting in a trip to Walgreens in between to get stuff

12) Woah CG! (*ahem*)

13) Panicking over possibility of missing stuff from my tuxedo rental during rehearsal (apparently they just never rented me any shoes, even though they did measurements for it too)

14) Not being able to join everyone for dinner since I was rushing back to check my tuxedo stuff and maybe go to the store before it closed

15) Snubbed at my regular take-out place.  After 15 minutes of wait, was told I’d have to wait 45 more minutes (lots of people doing their mother’s day celebration early)

16) Naively thinking the Muni would only take 5-10 minutes to circle ~20 short blocks (10 each way), and waiting in the cold for over 20 minutes instead (seriously, what is wrong with the Muni, it’s not like the first train needed to wait for people since I saw three trains pass me in the other direction)

17) Found out one of my housemates is moving out and my landlady saying she’ll look for a girl and maybe I’ll get lucky. :P

I just want to sleep more than 6 hours…


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