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May 5, 2008

The Devil Wears Prada

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Finally watched the film that I passed over in favor of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie two years ago.  It’s not bad, and I certainly saw the selling the soul stuff.  There was one point in the movie where it felt like “the devil” had been selling her own soul all her life (though I guess in a theological sense, I guess that’s true).  Other than that, it’s a predictable movie with an overused theme in the genre.  Money/Job or Love/Self and we all know the ending.

That said, the topic of fashion is interesting, especially the part where Andy gives up and gets her makeover.  For a few scenes, I thought she actually looked worse.  And that’s one of the things about fashion I really don’t get.  Half the time, all the makeup, hairstyles, and clothing make the models look ugly.  Yeah, sometimes they also look stunning, but only if it happens to fit my preferred taste.  But for the most part, often people look better normally.  And maybe that’s just it.  It’s normal.  I’m not saying a little bit doesn’t help, but all too often it’s just overdone.  I guess it’s something like, yeah, they may be more beautiful from a certain accepted perspective, but they also becomes less attractive.

One of the other thoughts I had was Miranda’s character would be perfect in a detective story, as the powerful ruthless character type is often either the victim or the murderer in the story.


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