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May 3, 2008

WHO for Taiwan

I attended the walk at the Golden Gate Bridge today to help get Taiwan into the World Health Organization.  The issue is that Taiwan is not allowed to join because China claims Taiwan is one of its provinces.  If that is true, then Taiwan should have access to resources at the WHO, but it is denied access.  Ironically, Taiwan is allowed to participate in completely unimportant things like the Olympics (disagree?  When’s the last time not attending the Olympics caused people to die?)

Anyway, I was one of the first ones there, partly because I wanted to take pictures.  There were two buses, one from the South Bay and one from the East Bay, and there were a dozen or so people from SF.  The walk lasted about three hours including picture taking and lunch and just general waiting time.  On our way back, we passed a 4-car pileup, including a limousine.  The second car from the back had the most damage, but I don’t think anyone was hurt.  The support for our cause was pretty decent from the people around us though we did have one guy flip the bird at us.  He probably thought we were causing the traffic jam from the crash (which would be stupid).

The group makeup was mostly older, middle-aged folks.  The number of people younger than 30 was probably about a dozen, and most of those were from UCSF or came with their parents.

For lunch, there was sushi and dorayaki for the people who didn’t come by the bus.  The bus people also got some home-made zongzi by one of the people there though I did get one too (I think they were intrigued that a “young person” like me had come here by myself to support this :P)


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