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April 27, 2008

Mama’s, FLOW: Love For Water, Isobune

So the original plan for today was going to Mama’s for brunch.  Wow, talk about a long wait in the hot sun.  I was there at 10:30, Sophia arrived at 11:15.  We managed to get inside a little before 12.  I hear the line on weekdays is pretty bad as well.  She ordered the Northern Italian M’omelette while I had the Monte Cristo Sandwich though we shared our food.  The omelette was good (I love mushrooms!) and the so was the Monte Cristo, especially with the blueberry jam.  Sophia really really loves berries so she was happy.  The red potatoes were probably the worst part.  They weren’t undercooked like the other reviewers warned about, but they weren’t anything special.  We’ll probably be back to try other stuff like the French Toast Sampler or the dungeness crab omelettes.

After lunch we rushed over to the Sundance Kabuki Theaters to catch the San Francisco International Film Festival.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch Black Belt so we saw FLOW: Love for Water instead.  It’s a documentary about the environmental issues dealing with water.  Big culprits are Coca-Cola and Nestle.  And the pretty common knowledge that a lot of bottled water out there is just tap water, and sometimes worse.  Mainly the film was against companies taking a free, common resource and turning it into money without regards to the impact it has on the environment/other people.  I’d say more but I dozed off in the first half of the film.  I really need to get more sleep.  There was a Q&A after the movie but it wasn’t too informative.  We skipped the panel discussion.

Also, as a general note about the SF International Film Festival.  Too many of their showings are in the daytime when people need to work, and too many films have their tickets sold out to the point you need to do the “Rush Line”.  This means you start lining up an hour before the movie, and then they sell you the tickets of the people who didn’t show up, which means you’re going to get the crap, leftover seats if you can even get a ticket, which is no guarantee.

Since we were in Japantown, we looked around for a bit.  The Kinokuniya bookstore here has expanded to the bottom floor.  They moved all the anime, manga, and gaming stuff down there.  Another notable addition was this new manga cafe called Manga Cafe Mika.  We missed the free 1 hour pre-opening special but it’s still cool that a place like this has finally opened up here in SF.  I heard this sort of cafe is pretty popular in Taiwan.  I think Sophia said the drinks inside were free too.

We had dinner at Isobune since Sophia was in the mood for sushi.  It’s a sushi boat type place.  I think the best thing there was the temaki and the grilled salmon (though the salmon was a tad salty).  Other stuff was mostly standard fare.


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