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April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day and Pennsylvania Primaries

Updated 10:58pm with new numbers

Well that was an unexpected surprise.  Didn’t realize today was Earth Day until I saw people singing Happy Birthday to Earth at the Farmer’s Market today.  There was also a line where they were passing out reusable shopping bags as long as you were a Bay Area resident and promised to use reusable bags when shopping (I already do when I have my backpack).  That, and they had people around the recycling/compost/garbage bins to make sure people threw their stuff in the right bins.

Anyway, it’s good to see that with 99% precincts reporting, Clinton’s only ahead 54.3-45.7 in votes, and only only a 10 delegate lead.  Given the very pro-Clinton demographics there, narrowing the vote to a single digit spread and 10 delegates is very impressive for Obama.  Especially since not that long ago, people were expecting Clinton to win by 20% in votes.  Oh how the once mighty have fallen.  Of course, it just writhes and refuses to die, which is just pathetic.  But anyway.

Aside from Pennsylvania, Obama has also been doing really well on the polls on Gallup.  Bittergate had essentially 0 effect on his standings in the polls.  Even the “debate” last week only caused a minor hiccup for Obama and he bounced all the way back to a 10% lead in just a few days.  It’s a true testament to Obama’s momentum.


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