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April 22, 2008

Chinese taxi refuses frenchmen and dogs

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Well done, China, well done.  Way to show the world your maturity.  Truly another case of Freedom Fries (did you guys not learn from the Americans that this sort of stuff is just silly?)

Anyway, since I’m on the topic, and people seem to be really interested in the Wang Qianyuan incident, there’s an article by her on the Washington Post called Caught in the Middle, Called a Traitor.

That’s the other thing.  It seems like the Chinese have started calling anyone with remotely dissenting opinions as traitors.  That is not a light claim to make.  In the US, being convicted of treason carries the death penalty, and this is true for a lot of countries.  Are you sure what she did really merits accusing her of a crime that if taken seriously would mean death?  Truly a witch hunt.


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  1. ok, you are the fucking gal, I have no idea how you father feed you up, use dog food or what.

    but anyway, your family should be proud of you as you made them homeless. And it is my first time to see a HAN JIAN’s face.

    well done, gal, keep moving and be fucked by your ZD friends.

    Have a great sex.

    Comment by take a video when you are being fucked — April 23, 2008 @ 8:15 am

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