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April 21, 2008

Updated Analysis of Expelled’s Performance

So the actual numbers are in! Looks like it was a lot of hubbub about nothing. It underpformed the expectations by $182,152 or almost 6%.

So what do these numbers mean? Again, let’s start with the raw data.

Actual opening weekend performance revenue: $2,970,848 (-$182,152)
Theaters it opened in: 1052
Average revenue per theater: $2824 (-$173)
Rank for the weekend: #10 (-1)

Ah, instead of being a respectable performance it’s now fallen into last place. This means it’s unlikely it’ll be able to hold the top 10 spot by next weekend.

Worldwide political documentary gross ranking: #8/86
Worldwide documentary gross ranking: #30/527 (down 4)
Worldwide christian gross ranking: #18/62

The only real change was amongst the documentary rankings. Not too shabby. Finally let’s take a look at where it places for average revenue per theater on opening weekend.

Worldwide political documentary opening weekend average theater revenue: #52/86 (down 2)
Worldwide documentary opening weekend average theater revenue: #360/527 (down 11)
Worldwide christian opening weekend average theater revenue: #28/62

Quite a bit of a change there, dropping in two categories. It managed to hold its place for christian films though.

Finally, let’s see how its ratings have fared.

Rotten Tomatoes Critical Rating: 12% (3/25) (+3%)
Rotten Tomatoes Top Critics Rating: 0% (0/10)
Rotten Tomatoes Community Rating: 53% (210 votes) (-1%)
IMDB Rating: 4.1 (1156 votes) (+0.5)
Boxofficemojo rating: B (201 votes)
Yahoo movies community rating: B (1968 votes)
Yahoo critics rating: N/A (None!)

A few surprises there. It managed to eke out one more positive critical review, but its rotten tomatoes rating actually dropped amongst regular users. IMDB voters had a surge of positive votes bringing it up a little, but still far below Boxofficemojo and Yahoo movies. Surprisingly, there are still no critical reviews associated with Yahoo. Makes one wonder if their critics do not want to be associated with this film for some reason, or perhaps they feel it’s a waste of their time, either of which would be a pretty strong rejection of the film. But that is all mere speculation at this point.

Overall, it’s not too much of a change from what I said earlier (might be worth a read even if the numbers are no longer correct), though just barely missing that $3 million mark and officialy finishing last has got to hurt psychologically.



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