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April 20, 2008

People Expelled for their views

First, let’s take a look at the people in the film who were supposedly expelled for speaking out against evolution.

Sternberg – he basically blew up office space reorganization as some massive conspiracy out to get him which obviously annoyed people (can’t say I’m surprised). Didn’t lose his job or anything. Here’s some extra reading on the matter.
Gonzalez – was denied Tenure. Why? He only published three first-author papers at ISU and compared to the other people up for tenure, he was simply unimpressive. Sounds like a case of sour grapes.
Crocker – was never fired. She simply did not have her contract renewed. Nor was she blacklisted or else she wouldn’t have her new job now. And it’s interesting how she flat out lied about not teaching Creationism in classes. Just take a look at the slides and comments by students.
Marks – was not fired. He had his website removed temporarily, but refused to put a standard disclaimer so they could not let him keep the site there (he has his site somewhere else now). Nothing else was affected.
Winnick – was never blacklisted, and merely had received some criticisms on her works. It’s kinda ironic for her and the filmmakers to censor criticisms of her work by calling it “blacklisting”
Egnor – like the others, has really thin skin.

Ok, sure, the people in the movie are not the only people who can lay claim to being expelled for their beliefs or for doing their jobs. So let’s take a look at some other cases of people getting expelled:

Chris Comers – probably the most famous one. I’ll let her speak for herself.

Nancey Murphy – was almost fired from her Seminary because she called ID poor theology and so stupid it wasn’t worth her time. So horrible was what she said that the Father of Intelligent Design himself personally stepped into the fray to try to get her fired.
Terry Gray – convicted of heresy by his church for suggesting that humans had primate ancestors in his review of a book by the same Father of Intelligent Design above and was forced to recant.
Howard Van Till – who argued that both evolution and the Bible could be true (theistic evolution). He was attacked over and over until he had no choice but to give up his Calvinist faith.

The sad thing is, these people are just the tip of the iceberg. Richard Colling was actually banned from teaching biology and his book banned because he also said you could believe in God and also accept evolution. Steve Bitterman and Alex Bolyanatz were also fired for not teaching Creationism. Even worse is that others, like Eric Pianka, Paul Mirecki, Gwen Pearson, and Judge John E. Jones III were all physically attacked or received death threats for speaking their mind!

Persecution? Censorship? Ben Stein has no idea what he’s talking about. Not when we have people like Michael Korn sending death threats to biology professors for teaching evolution.

So yes, Ben Stein is correct. People have been expelled. Just not the ones he thought.

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