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April 19, 2008

Blogging services

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So.. this isn’t my first blog.  Before this, I was primarily a user of Tabulas.  It’s quite nice, since I have a fully featured account there.  The problem though is that it’s just one guy, and there’s only so much that can be done by one guy in his spare time.  As such, it’s also rather broken.  The brokenness is really what finally made me come here.  I realized a couple days ago that my rss feed was broken again and Technorati was still showing entries from last year.

Another one I’ve used a bit and I really want to like is Vox.  Its features are very tightly integrated and the community feel is great.  But there were a few deal-breakers.  1) Ads.  I use Firefox and Adblock as a matter of course, so I never see them, but I know others do, and the ads can be a bit obnoxious there (all flash ads can go DIAF).  It would be so much better if they gave an option of not having ads. 2) The lack of stats combined with disallowing Javascript.  Oh sure, they have a special widget section too, but the way it’s designed completely ruins referral tracking. 3) People have to register to comment

And back before these two I primarily used LJ.  Of course the lack of control was stifling even though I was able to hack something out using one of their templates.  It’s why I went to Tabulas in the first place.

Then I found out recently when a friend moved her blog that wordpress had a similar service.  I used b2 back before it became wordpress so I’m partial to it (it was very short term though as I lost my free hosting not long afterward).  I also don’t feel the need to have quite as much control over the blog as I used to as well so I don’t need the actual full software and domain name, though that may still change in the future.  But for now, I feel like being lazy.


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